Pender County Schools Awarded Digital Learning Grant

Pender County Schools Awarded Digital Learning Grant
Posted on 03/18/2014
Earlier this year, Lucas Gillispie, Instructional Technology Coordinator for Pender County Schools, drafted a grant proposal as part of a competitive funding opportunity offered through the Department of Public Instruction.  Aimed at providing schools with digital learning resources and professional development in integrating technology in the classroom, grant funds would be matched with an initial wave of funding designated for the same purpose.  At their February 6th meeting, the State School Board announced Pender County Schools as one of the recipients of the additional grant funding.

Discovery EdThe grant, at just over $60,000, will be used to support middle grades science instruction through a partnership with Discovery Education.  Long without textbook resources due to state-level cuts in funding, grant funds will provide all middle grades science teachers and their students access to Discovery Education's Science Techbook, a dynamic, and digital, science textbook that students can access at school and home.  Because of its digital design, the Science Techbook can be updated with the latest developments in science, instantly.  In addition to up-to-date content, this resource offers engaging videos, virtual labs and explorations, and tools such as instant Spanish language translation and text-to-speech options that will help spark a curiosity and interest in science among all of our students.

All middle grades science teachers will be offered a rich professional development experience with district leads and representatives from Discovery Education to support their transition to this new, digital resource.  Training will begin in the late Spring and early Summer, with a full rollout of the Science Techbook in the Fall of 2014.