Five-Year Strategic Plan (2013-2017)

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Five-Year Strategic Plan


This strategic plan expires at the end of the 2017-18 school year. In Spring 2018, Pender County Schools will begin data collection for the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.

Mission of the PCS Board of Education

To secure and organize resources for ensuring the delivery of services in a manner that prepares all students to compete globally.

Mission of the Pender County Schools

Pender County Schools foster an environment of high expectations, focused on success for all students and resulting in graduates prepared for the future in a rapidly changing world.

Pender County Schools Strategic Directives

   I.    Student Learning- Increase Student Achievement and Engagement

   II.   Personnel Development - Recruit, Retain, and Train a Highly
          Qualified Staff

   III.   Community Connectedness - Ensure a Safe, Welcoming Environment
           that Develops Healthy Responsible Students

   IV.   Culture - Increase Family and Community Connectedness

   V.    Resource Management- Ensure Effective Resource Management,
          Alignment with Instruction, Supporting Systems and Structures, and

Pender County Schools Goal Statements

Pender County Schools is committed to ensuring that

  • Students will graduate on-time,
  • All schools will make high growth, and
  • Students will read on grade level by the end of 3rd grade.

Superintendents Mission

To create and maintain a collaborative and trusting environment for all stakeholders and to align district systems and structures necessary for ensuring high quality learning experiences for every student.

Superintendents Vision

Building on a strong foundation, Pender County School System will serve as a model for the State by increasing student achievement and narrowing the achievement gap through 21st Century classrooms.  Highly effective teams of teachers and principals will lead every school, and adult learning will be valued.  Decisions will be data-informed and driven by continuous improvement with a clear focus on success for every student.  Stakeholders will feel a sense of ownership for and connectedness to their schools.  The Board of Education and Central Office will support the schools in preparing students for their future.

Leadership Teams Vision

The mission of the Pender County Schools Leadership Team is to support students, staff, School Board members, and the community by identifying, facilitating, aligning, guiding, and communicating progress toward creating a community that achieves academic excellence.

Dimensions of Success

The Pender County Schools Strategic Directives are aligned with State Goals and serve as a guide for internal planning. Indicators under each Directive will address the Dimensions of Success, which include Results, Relationships, and Processes.

Core Values

  1. Integrity – Our customers and stakeholders can depend on us to be honest and fair.
  2. Commitment – We are 100% committed to district initiatives.
  3. Respect We treat others as we want to be treated.
  4. Excellence We strive to deliver high quality services to all customers and to achieve high performance results.
  5. Creativity We analyze issues and look for innovative and productive solutions.
  6. Ethics We recognize that we serve as role-models for our students, and therefore exhibit professional behavior at all times.
  7. Results Orientation We support decision-making that is based upon data and research-based best practices.